Graphic for Wes' Drug Decision Index

Wes' Drug Decision Index

The brief recap of Wes' decisions:

Wes' bloodwork, as reflected in his T-counts and viral load, seemed to indicate that he was failing his existing anti-HIV drugs and, as a result, needed to change medications.

Wes' Drug Decision Process -- Part One details how he first went about deciding what drugs to change.

Wes' Drug Decision Process -- Part Two details why he reconsidered his original decision, and gets into the nitty gritty of the two protease inhibitors he was comparing, indinavir/Crixivantm and ritonavir/Norvirtm.
Includes a handy-dandy English translation of two tables from the ritonavir/Norvirtm product insert sheet!

Research tools Wes uses that are handy for anyone guiding their medical care:

It took multiple sources to track down all the drug interactions and medical terminology. Wes was armed with his trusty array of research tools:

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