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What Wes would say to Congress

Wes was presented with an interesting question by a student working on a paper about AIDS: "Let's suppose that you are giving a speech to the Congress, and you had their undivided attention. What would you tell them? What would your speech be about?" This is how he responded.

Female mud wrestling!

Wes' sister, Susan, was the 1981 Dallas, Texas' champion female mud wrestler. She won the title -- using her stage name of Amorous Amazona -- shortly after this article came out.

Is Homophobia Associated with Homosexual Arousal?

I've long heard the adage that the reason some people are homophobic is because they are afraid of a part of them that feels attraction to the same sex. Read this to see what science says.

When Wes drove over a cliff

What more can I say?

When Wes was in Newsweek

Life and death stuff

Right-wingers and gays

Here's a column by Bruce Bawer that hits the mark:
Bruce Bawer on fundamentalists as misguided.

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