Wes & Tom's AIDS Links

Wes & Tom's AIDS Links

The links below are external to our site. If you would like to see how we approach HIV/AIDS in our own life, check out our T-cells, viral loads & drug decisions section.

Wes' personal favorites

Community AIDS Treatment Information Exchange -- in both English and French
I particularly like that there is late-breaking news updated every few days.

HIV InSite What a slick AIDS information site. It has a map which you can click to see data and resources broken down by state. There's even a "personalized clinical trial search:" Check off your medical history (all the drugs you've ever been on and any opportunistic infections you've had) from a long list, fill in your age, viral load and T-count numbers and it returns a list of clinical trials that you might be eligible to participate in. Really neat.

Project Inform Project Inform is great at getting out cutting-edge AIDS treatment information, as well as providing comprehensive basic information for people newly diagnosed.
If you want to help people with AIDS, their TAN (Treatment Action Network) alerts tell you what you can do!

AEGIS (AIDS Educational Global Information System) -- in both English and Spanish -- is one of Wes' favorite resources, previously only available via a long distance call to their BBS in California. With 3 gigabytes of information stored in 300,000+ files, AEGIS is "the largest HIV/AIDS Web site in the world" and is updated hourly.

Steve Schalchlin's Living in the Bonus Round is a neat place to learn about living with the disease. He keeps an on-line diary which is fun to read. His writing style is playful, and his life is wonderfully colorful. Steve's musical, The Last Session opened off-Broadway in October 1997 to rave reviews! There are now smaller productions around the country. In his 1996 entries he chronicled his near-death experience from AIDS and his wonderful rebound.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Prevention Information Network, formerly known as the National AIDS Clearinghouse. This Web site includes:

The Body: An AIDS and HIV Information Resource The Body: An AIDS and HIV Information Resource
What I particularly like here are the back-issues of John James' "AIDS Treatment News," another excellent source of AIDS treatment information.

The National Library of Medicine's Specialized Information Services' HIV/AIDS Information lets you search clinical trials of AIDS drugs, among other things.

An Internet newsgroup with extensive discussion about AIDS.

POZ Magazine online, "Health, Hope & HIV" in both English and Spanish versions.

Other good resources

AIDS Treatment Data Network (searchable site)
NOTE: The search tool covers all pages at www.aidsnyc.org, including many organizations in New York City, such as the National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project (NATAP, further below) and the Treatment Action Group (TAG).

The AIDS Treatment Data Network, located in New York City, provides treatment counseling and referrals. Their toll-free number is (800) 734-7104. This web page includes:

This web page also has Spanish language materials, including the glossaries and some of the simple facts sheets

Critical Path AIDS Project, a community-based organization in Philadelphia. Much more information and many more links to other sites than you could imagine. Unfortunately, you have to dig down into this site to really see what they have; but the more you dig, the more you find. Excellent search capabilities allow you to search this site (including their archives of many AIDS treatment newsletters, including AIDS Treatment News, BETA, GMHC Treatment Issues, and Project Inform Perspectives) and the sci.med.aids archives. Has sub-pages on Late Breaking News, Prevention, Research, Clinical Trials, Treatment, Publications, Alternative Treatment, Organizations, Regional Services, References and Office Tools, Technical Support, and Index/Search.

International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care. IAPAC publishes a Journal and maintains a searchable web site with articles on opportunistic infections, protease inhibitors, drugs and treatments taken from the Journal, written for physicians. Consumer-oriented materials include: A Consumer's Guide to Prophylaxis Strategies for Survival of HIV Disease; and Protease Inhibitors: What They Are, How They work, When to Use Them (also available in Spanish). There are links to about 13 other sites.

Marty Howard's HIV/AIDS Home Page
Marty is HIV+, 54+, & married with 3 children. He has assembled a large selections of links on the Web, over 60 of them. They are organized on sub-pages:

Medscape's HIV/AIDS Page
Medscape is a commercial service providing clinical information. Access is free but requires on-line registration. Material is fairly technical in content. The last 6 months of articles are archived and searchable. CME credit is available through several of the articles. Free access is offered to Medline for searching databases of the National Library of Medicine.

National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project
The National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project, based in New York City, advocates on treatment and policy issues for people with HIV and AIDS with drug companies, government officials (including FDA) and other treatment and policy advocates. Their website includes up-to-the-minute information on AIDS treatments, including reports from major conferences.

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