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Yes, it's not for the really-weak-stomached. But those with bad sinuses or weird senses of humor will appreciate it. It's the Things From Wes' Nose section.

Wes' family has rotten sinuses. Three of four aunts (including Aunt Priscilla, Queen of the Northwest) have had major surgeries to try and fix what nature wrought. Wes continues the tradition for the next generation.

Wes also shares tips on nose maintenance to help fellow sinus sufferers.
And my number one tip: If your nose doctor causes you pain, fire that insensitive twit!

The surgeries

Here we describe what was going on at the time(s) that led us to opt for sinus surgery. We also have links to pictures that accompany the stories. This is the place.

How Mr. Nose is laid out

(Note: this page includes a 100kb image that may take a while to load. But it's worth it.)

Here we have a nifty cross-section of the nose, with the parts labelled. And since medical parts have such weird names (for example, agger nassi means "the ridge of the nose") we include translations for you.

But of course the real fun is where we point out where Wes' nose had its demolition work done.

Plus we introduce you to Docbert.

Nose maintenance

This may be one of the most useful areas on the entire Cool Site. Here's where we share how to try and manage sinus problems when surgical reconstruction isn't required to overcome some basic sinus-shape defect. We also include links to talks about saline nasal irrigation, how to use a neti pot to rinse out your nose and nose suction .

But trust me, you haven't been spared. There are pictures in those latter two sections, also...

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