When in doubt, suck it out

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Periodic maintenance

Sometimes there is just no way to get out a huge thing that's formed in your sinuses. You can feel them rolling around like balls in a policeman's whistle when you try to blow. I call them "marbles." So, when blowing just won't hack it, I call in the experts...

I am particularly blessed to have linked up with an ear/nose/throat surgeon who is not only technically skilled, but the kindest of souls. He makes sure that my sinuses are fully numbed before he begins. And when he does go to work, he respects the feedback l give him to guide him in his work.

He often has to use an endoscope to see inside my sinusses. He combines that vision-capability with other utensils he uses to try and dislodge what I call "barnacles" -- the nasty encrusted infections that throw attititude: "We're not moving. You can't make me." The tools he uses on these barnacles -- and even just generic muck -- range from things that snag, things that cut, and things that suck.

Dr Kosoy viewing through the scope, plus extracting gunk

Here's the man at work.
Looking in and pulling things out

Dr Kosoy viewing through the scope plus suctioning gunk

Here's the man at work.
Looking in and suctioning things out

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