The neti pot


Neti pots are the embodiment of clear thinking: If there's muck in the sinuses, then wash them out. And that's what the pots are designed to do.

The neti pot concept was introduced to me two ways. First I watched a news clip of my yoga instructor (who has studied in Tibet) using one. It was fascinating. I was truly amazed to see my instructor (and all-around good soul) put a teapot-like pot up to one nostril and have the water flow through and out the other nostril. It was so cool!

The second time was when my sister mentioned that she was having sinus problems and she'd been looking for one. My sister, looking for a neti pot? So I went to the yoga place -- where I hadn't been in a couple of years -- and bought one for each of us.

There are a couple tricks to getting ready:

Now here's how to do it, as best as I can relate:

A couple people have asked "Where can I get one?" Here are some sources that have been relayed to me:
I am told that 100% of all profits from the Neti Pot salt and Neti Wash go to natural health causes and to help fight 3rd world causes especially HIV in India and Africa.

Here's a source for metal neti pots:
They have a pretty cool site, IMNHO.
: )
Narial Nasal Cup
Essential Products Alliance, Inc.
Versailles, KY 40383
To order call 1-800-817-8740


nose_neti_pot_treatment_feeling_okay.jpg 37.81 K

a wash while feeling okay

nose_neti_pot_treatment_feeling_awful.jpg 39.94 K

a wash while feeling cruddy

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