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Vaccine helps both pre and post exposure

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To all my friends & family,

Head's up on Human Monkeypox, which is spread through intimate contact.Here's more information, including about vaccinations which help both pre (before) and post (after) exposure to it."We do like to be friendly!"

Human Monkeypox from San Diego Health & Human Services (SD County):

If you plan on being intimate, please be aware of monkeypox. I'm in an online HIV health forum with some very connected GLBTQ+ advocates and something like 30 LA guys got it during LA Pride.

Here's Brian Thomas, who was willing to talk on camera about it after a weekend in Ft. Lauderdale / Wilton Manors:

Mark S King -- who interviewed Brian, above -- has been doing HIV community advocacy and commentary for many years through "My Fabulous Disease" -- recognized by GLAAD as 2020's top blog and Mark as 2020 LGBTQ journalist of the year from the national GLBTQ+ journalists' association.

As Mark writes, "I interviewed Brian for My Fabulous Disease because his posts are the first real-time video reports Iíve seen from the front lines of monkeypox. He has walked us through his physical ailments, his treatment, and the frustration and second guessing that happens when youíre stuck in isolation for two weeks with an infection soaked in sexual shame and homophobia.

It looks like monkeypox is swiftly moving from a tangential concern to a front-and-center health threat that we need to take seriously, and right now.

Take care, and please be well.



As always, may this find you happy & well.


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