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Wes' Journal -- 1997 (part 4)


From the two weeks December 19, 1997 - January 2, 1998:

Having told the truth about our lives to the entire family for the last six years -- and about the lives of gays and lesbians in general -- the final printed version of our annual Christmas letter was mailed December 19. The significance of this final printed version is that most of the family is not online, so they will not be receiving future editions. We accomplished what we set out to do: We succeeded in preventing Priscilla, Queen of the Northwest from slandering gays and lesbians unchallenged, and from erasing the true me -- a gay man who happens to have AIDS (and the man who loves me!) -- from the extended family's knowledge.

As requested in the letter from Priscilla's attorney two years ago, we did not mail a copy to her. (She presumably hears about the contents from other family members, however.)

Welcome to the twenty eighth and perhaps final addition to The Letter Wars:

Our sixth annual Christmas letter


From the week December 12 - 19, 1997:

From the week December 5 - 12, 1997:

From the two weeks November 21 - December 5, 1997:

From the week November 14 - 21, 1997:

From the two weeks October 31 - November 14, 1997:

From the week October 24 - 31, 1997:
It's been a busy, exhausting time around here (we're talking a vacation, my hospitalization with pneumonia, my sinus surgery, and Tom's calculus test). But, despite all this, we now present to you our really cool update!

From the week October 17 - 24, 1997:

From the week October 10 - 17, 1997:

From the week October 3 - 10, 1997:

From the two weeks September 19 - October 3, 1997:

From the week September 12 - 19, 1997:

From the week September 5 - 12, 1997:

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