Houston, TX
Houston, TX

Houston, Texas

Houston is about 50 miles from the Gulf of Mexico: That's why it looks so green. What you're seeing here is downtown as seen from the west side, which has a bayou running to/past downtown. (To give some perspective, the tallest building -- about fourth from the left -- is 75 stories tall.) The bayous are great because they make greenbelts through the city.

In 1987 Jean-Michel Jarre presented "Rendezvous Houston", a concert where he used downtown as the backdrop for his laser images during Houston's 150th birthday celebration (35kb).

Here's a great photo of fireworks downtown from 1997.

Kevin White's HoustonGayWeb is a resource guide and directory for gay stuff in Houston. (Here's a fun tidbit: Wes knew Kevin when he was married. All the gay guys had a crush on him -- tall, handsome and sweet!)

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