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My doctor belongs to a medical group called Oncol. They are probably the biggest AIDS specialists in town. Once a year, Oncol pulls together -- at no cost to the public -- an "Annual Conference on AIDS in America." Top minds from the world over come and talk about the latest findings. It's a wonderful resource for me in guiding my healthcare decisions.

The Reverend George Foreman (yes, the fighter) was presented with the "1992 Humanitarian Award" at that year's conference.

How had this man made a difference?

"On October 25, 1991, The Reverend George Foreman donated $100,000 to AIDS Foundation Houston Stone Soup Pantry. This donation represents the largest single donation to AIDS Foundation Houston during its 10 year history and is one of the largest individual donations given at a national level."

Pretty cool, huh? I got to meet him when he had a meeting with the doctors at the same time I had a followup appointment to check my pneumonia. Everyone in the office said he is the kindest, gentlest man.

And yes, I asked for his autograph. What's appearing below says "To my pal Wes, George Foreman:"

To my pal Wes, George Foreman

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