Wes' Full Medication Regimen
effective November 16, 2001 - 2006

Also see Wes' HIV Medication Regimen, which shows just Wes' antiretroviral medications, and how that regimen evolved over time.

Major differences in this list versus last full medication regimen posted March 22, 2001:



·         acyclovir (Zovirax™) 400mg tablets BID, #180, refills 4 -- 11/01/01 visit
prophylaxis for herpes outbreaks

·         albuterol inhaler, 2puffs BID, #3, refills 4 -- 11/01/01 visit
for wheezing onset

·         Allegra 180mg QD, #90, refills 3 -- 8/9/01 appt.
antihistamine for allergic rhinitis & conjunctivitis

·         AndroGel™ 1% (testosterone), 7.5gms/dose (5gm + 2.5gm packets) QD
helps with lipodystrophy
helps restore & maintain lean muscle mass, which I lost in 2001
testing to see if it helps with fatigue

·         Carnitor (carnitine) three 330mg tablets BID
to help with neuropathy (Built to Survive, by Michael Mooney & Nelson Vergel, p. 109 , help with lipodystrophy (Built to Survive, p. 48), and perhaps mitochondrial toxicity and lactic acidosis

·         clonazepam (Klonopin™) 1mg QD
use at bedtime

·         Combivir™ tabs 150/300mg (AZT/3TC), BID
2/3 of my triple combination antiretroviral therapy

·         cyanocobalamin (B12), 1cc 3x/week, 1000mcg/ml
for fatigue

·         Depakote™ (valproic acid) 250mg tabs, 1 BID
anticonvulsant for both neuropathy & mood swings

·         Flonase™ 2 puffs each nostril QD
sinus steroid to help reduce discharge

·         Flovent™, 44mcg 1 puff BID
prophylactic for wheezing -- this works for me

·         guaifenesin 600mg, 2 tablets BID
mucous thinner to help prevent the thick-infection problems I've had

·         Neurontin™ (gabapentin) caps 300mg, TID
for the neuropathy in my arms and feet

·         nortriptyline (Pamelor™) 10mg QD in evening
for depression

·         Oxandrin™ (oxandrolone) 2.5mg 4 BID
anabolic steroid to help reverse HIV Wasting Syndrome / restore loss of muscle in my buttocks that makes sitting painful, to work in conjunction with the weight resistance training I began August 20th

·         ranitidine (Zantac™) 150mg BID
acid-reducer, got rid of the burning in my stomach that started 12/91 & resumed 2/01

·         Sereventaer 2puffs BID
long-acting broncho-dilator -- this works for me

·         Singulair™ (montelukast sodium) 10mg tablets QD, at 5-7pm
anti-inflammatory [leukotriene receptor antagonist], using in conjunction with Serevent to help reduce need for inhaled steroids

·         Viramune™ (nevirapine) 200mg, BID
the 3/3 of my triple combination antiretroviral therapy

·         Zoloft™ (sertraline HCL) 50mg, QD in AM
for depression

·         Zovirax 5% ointment 15g
topical treatment for herpes outbreaks

Other supplements

·         alpha lipoic acid 300mg BID.
It helps with neuropathy.  Also improves insulin sensitivity (Built to Survive p. 48) and reduces damage to the liver (p. 108)

·         allergy injections 1x/week (changed from 2x/week 6/1/01)
I cannot be put on any beta blockers and continue allergy injections, as beta blockers block adrenalin -- which would make a systemic allergy reaction hard to treat

·         beta carotene 15mg QD

·         calcium 600mg+D 200iu BID (1000mg/day for those <50 per Consumer Reports September 2001, page 62; 1200-1500mg>50.)
bone strengthener, since I don't get calcium from dairy products (being lactose intolerant)

·         C 1000mg, crystalline, TID (per Built to Survive p. 25-26)

·         E 1000mg QD

·         glucosamine/chondroitin 500/400mg TID
joint function support -- to counteract clicking/cracking noises in both hips and joint pain in both shoulders

·         hypertonic saline solution washes of sinuses QD
to help prevent accumulation that leads to infection

·         L-carnitine 1000mg BID.  (See also Carnitor™.)
It helps with neuropathy.  Plus it may have some effect on preventing development of mitochondrial toxicity and lactic acidosis.

·         L-lysine 500mg QD
herpes prophylaxis?

·         multi-vitamin (Walgreens' Super Aytinal for active adults) QD
general good health
(See also summary of study by Dr. Mariana Baum of the University of Miami which found "HIV(+) people needed 6 to 25 times the RDA levels of essential nutrients to get healthy cellular levels of these nutrients." -- quoted in Built to Survive, p. 101)

·         NAC (N-acetyl-L-cysteine) 600mg (sustained release) TID
antioxidant and glutathione precursor

·         Omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) 360mg / DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) 240mg, TID
help maintain heart and vascular health
Also appears to reduce the inflammation of arthritis.  In 1994, the medical journal Arthritis & Rheumatism reported that a group of subjects who had higher omega-3 intake were able to decrease levels of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs after three months.

As needed/PRN

·         Ana-KitTM (& EpiPen epinephrine auto-injector)
kept on-hand to counteract anaphylactic reaction at home

·         AveloxTM 400mg QD
for sinus & upper-respiratory infections -- helps

·         lidocaine 1% injectible (for Rocephin)
to reconstitute Rocephin & make injection burn less

·         Octicair Solution™ (neomycin & polymyxin & hydrocortisone otic)
for ear aches, generally associated with sinusitis

·         prednisone 20mg, take 3 (60 mg) if enter the red zone of asthma action plan.
"Call MD immediately for subsequent steroid dose."

·         Rocephin™ IM convenience kit, 500mg
kept on-hand to enable strong response to upper-respiratory infections that happen on weekends or vacation -- helps

·         salicylic acid 2%, topical
skin lesions

·         Viagra™ 100mg
for ED.  It works, though I don't care for its associated flushing


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