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April 14, 2001
We get the Zeal of Approval!
zeal2.gif 2.59 K
from BoJo A-Go-Go, "a look inside the wacky world of Bob Jones University."
"Win our award... if you have a website that 1) opposes religious extremism, intolerance, or abuse, or 2) advocates religious tolerance, freethought, or individual conscience"


October 12, 1999
The Advocate does a writeup in their Digital Queeries section.


April, 1999
Bay Area Gays and Lesbians' Web Site Excellence Award
Bay Area Gays and Lesbians' Web Site Excellence Award
"This is a truly wonderful site! It brought back a lot of memories of ACTUP and my friendship with Brian Bradley. Thanks."


Allison Taylor "Maavwik" Brannen's
mavaward.gif 33.66 K
"Aint it just Peachy!" web award!


December 1, 1997
Virgin Net profiled Wes & Tom's Cool Site in the HIV and AIDS section of their Health channel for World AIDS Day in "Against the odds: personal testimonies."


June 1997
Alli's award of excellence:
alliaward2.gif 9.90 K
"Your sites are terrific and very deserving of this award. Besides, mommy likes your site!!!"


June 1997
Featured in the June issue of Community AIDS Treatment Information Exchange's newsletter.


June 1997
Kim & Alli Sedlacek's Heart Smile award:
heartsmi.gif 6.94 K
"An award has been created for very special people. You have made mine and Alli's heart smile. Therefore, we proudly bestow upon you our 'you made our heart smile' award. You few are the only ones to receive this award. You may have won it for your site or you won it because you did something special that made us smile all the way to our hearts. You are very special and we thank you. This award is not something people can apply for and they dont even need a website to win it. Each of you is special to Alli and myself. Thanks so much."


June 1997



May 13, 1997

www.Netqueery.com Person of the Day
We were honored with this PlanetOut designation.


January 29, 1997
USA Today writeup
Though not an "award" per se, Juan Palomo's article "Wes & Tom's Cool Site! Playful Revenge" in USA Today was wonderful recognition.


January 11, 1997
Furball The Great Award
Furball The Great: Content is King.
"To be selected as a winner and receive one of the coveted Furball badges of honor, a site has to be '...exceptional in content and promote a just and sustainable planet.'" The Letter Wars was in the "GLBT Issues" section on Furball's Awards page.


December 28, 1996
Beverly's Gold Seal Award
Beverly's Gold Seal Award for "people who spend hours and hours every week making a homepage that people will really enjoying visiting."


November 30th, 1996
The Freedom Award
The Freedom Award, issued by freedom.co.uk -- "the gay search site" -- "to recognise and praise Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered WWW sites...content is the most important reason. We are looking for sites which contribute something to our community."


November 30th, 1996
Twisted Award
The Les Bois Award for web page Twistedness is issued by the Idaho Gay Page "to recognize gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendereds who have contributed to the GLBT community through web page craziness; a page that is so different, unique, cRaZy, and bizarre that it absolutely MUST be recognized!" There are four Les Bois awards, and we are the first recipients of the Twisted award!


November 9th, 1996
The Rainbow Award
The Rainbow Award, presented for GLBT excellence on the Web.


October 26th, 1996
AIDS Awareness Award
The AIDS Awareness Award, given out to sites that...are making an important statement, about this devastating epidemic, through the Internet.

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