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Family feud
If ever there was proof that the Internet has not killed letter writing, Wes & Tom’s Cool Site is it. Site co-owner Wes was upset when an aunt he calls Priscilla, Queen of the Northwest, informed him that his lover, Tom, was not welcome at the family reunion. In response, Wes ignited an epistolary debate on homosexuality among his family members. In addition to posting the letters, back and forth, Tom and Wes, who are living with AIDS, also use the site to chart the ups and downs of their immune systems. http://www.officerwes.com/coolsite/

A better Betty
If you’re in the mood for some bizarre, tongue-in-cheek humor at the expense of the religious right, check out Betty Bowers Is A Better Christian Than You. Bowers is an epic-proportioned caricature of a money-hungry religious-righter who runs several profitable programs, including “crack whore ministries.” She offers fashion tips for judgment day, a spiritual-stock ticker tape, and, of course, an explanation as to why she is a better Christian than you. http://www.bettybowers.com

>HOT SITEDespite what ’90s naysayers may claim, it really was fun “livin’ in the ’80s.” Now Dyxploitation, an E-zine for “lezzies,” has created a spot where people of all sexual orientations can revel in the nostalgia of the decade of Dynasty. The ’zine’s fifth issue, which is devoted to the ’80s, features the fabulous Design a Dyke, where you can dress a lesbian in clothes she may have worn 15 years ago. http://www.dyxploitation.nu/ design80s.html

—Compiled by Eric Haeberli. Send tips and URLs for this cyber column only to queeries@advocate.com

From the October 12, 1999 issue of The Advocate

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