Officer Wes, Daddy Barry, dog & frank’s 2023


Our year started out with friends going through major health challenges -- one close gal pal; Officer’s college roommate.  We focused on loving on them of course.

Trip preparations for September resumed when airfares calmed down after the winter holidays.

In February Daddy Barry started helping out at Moose Leather to have something interesting to work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Meanwhile, UCSD Pain Management’s Dr. Chen, who installed Daddy Barry’s spine stimulator with great pain reduction suggested his extreme leg and foot pain could be a sacroiliac joint issue.  An injection there didn’t shift things, so we continued with the next indicated step, a sympathetic nerve block, in April.  It did not help either.  Very disheartening.

April was also when several other big things happened.  One was a HOA project to replace some leaky French patio doors completed beautifully, our building got tented for termites which required moving out for much of a week – and double-bagging anything edible and all prescriptions (and, by our choice, washing LOTS of laundry afterward), and, Daddy Barry experienced a heart attack and survived.  I had a mini TIA (technically a “RIND” -- Reversible Ischemic Neurologic Deficit) with full recovery.  And bobby’s beloved 2000 Porsche Boxster S convertible got a handsome new roof and paint job.

Then in one of life’s wonderful coincidences, a pain doctor Daddy Barry had seen two years ago came through Moose Leather.  Daddy Barry said “I know you.  You’re a pain doctor.”  The man asked “Did I help you?”  “No” was his simple answer.  To which the pain doctor was quite empathetic; apologized, and asked for Daddy Barry to make an appointment with him personally and he would show him something new he had for intense leg and feet pain; a dorsal root ganglion stimulator.  It took a couple of months, but the trial version was installed in August.  They said some folks take a week to notice any difference.  But the pain doctor said most folks feel something in 72 hours.  When that point passed and no pain relief had occurred, it was difficult to be optimistic.  (Side note:  Functional relief was already happening:  Daddy Barry was able to stand for two hours at Cigars and Boots, something he’d needed to sit down for the last two years.  And the next day he walked all of ArtWalk in Liberty Station; again something he wouldn’t have been able to do in the previous two years.). But… as a week passed some pain relief and related – some normal-ish sensation returning to the feet; being able to move the toes for the first time in years -- started to be felt.  They made some program changes and extended the trial a few days over an additional weekend.  Oh my.  He graded himself a 50% functional improvement and a 30% pain improvement – something he could live with.  They called it a success and we began moving forward with installing a permanent one in January 2024.

In the meantime, we splurged on a beautiful vacation to Europe.

The family also was interviewed about “Leather” for the Vanilla With a Side of Kink podcast; episodes 46, “Respect. Honor. Trust. Love”; 47, “A Frank Discussion About Leather” and 48, “The Daddy, The Officer, The Dog, and The Slave . . .”

And Officer Wes had reversible ischemic neurologic deficit (a “RIND”); a small reversible stroke with no lasting damage.

We are thankful.

As always, may this find you happy & well.



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