Officer Wes & Tom + boy tim's 2000


  • January 15-March 15: Wes and Tom do a trial move to Austin to be with boy tim, and decide to move there permanently.
  • April: After over a year of planning, Wes and Tom go to Australia and New Zealand with buddy Dave. (Narration and pictures by Dave.) Check out these stunning bungee jump pictures!
  • May: Wes and Tom move to Austin.
  • June: Wes' mother dies.
  • July-August: A hectic summer.
  • September-October: Relationship changes, and a fun diversion -- Officer Wes buys a Harley-Davidson Police Special. He also has LASIK surgery done by Austin's top specialists so that he can wear his cop Ray Bans more easily. (FYI: Despite getting 20/20 vision from the surgery, Wes doesn't yet recommend it because his resulting eye dryness is really irritating.)
  • November-December: Wes and Tom put an offer on a house. The offer gets accepted. They begin the process to spruce the house up before moving in: New white paint on the dark bathroom cabinets; new carpet and tile; ordering a custom desk for the new office; having custom "bookshelves" made for Wes' record collection. Packing. And, in another thinning-of-belongings act before the move, Wes sells most of his electronic music gear (a Roland D50 synthesizer, two Yamaha TX802 synthesizers, a Yamaha RX5 drum machine, and "recording" software and hardware), which he hadn't touched for years.

    Health-wise, Wes starts having rising fears about the lipodystrophy that has been changing the look of his face and legs this year; and previously his chest and arms. He also suspects the fat-redistribution that's going on has something to do with his increasing level of arthritis in his hips and shoulders at age 37.

    Both Wes and Tom are exhausted after a very taxing year.

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