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Starting off the year, Wes needed to change his medications due to some really annoying neuropathy in his feet that onset November 18. That was the big health news.

We also had other big news to share in January: With Tom's MBA program taking most of his free time, we decided to add a leather boy as a third to our relationship to keep Wes company. In response, readers asked both what about this third -- what's a Leather Daddy/leather boy relationship? and how does Tom feel? Even Wes' mother chimed in.



February was a month of fruitions. We presented our leather family to the world. Wes decided upon fewer Cool Site! updates. We recapped for others what we had learned about the neuropathy in Wes' feet. And, we also had a bit of fun when we discovered that there's a Fire Station 69 in Houston!



For Wes' 35th birthday on March 1, his first lover, Rodney, gave him a framed version of when Wes was in Newsweek. Here is a picture of Wes looking good around birthday time. We also had a visit from our bud Richard Bolingbroke.

With Spring in town, Tom began his annual house projects. March's work on the house included:



At the beginning of the month, Wes began physical therapy for the neuropathy in his feet, largely using microcurrent. It helped.

Later in the month, Wes & David decided that, after giving a Leather Daddy/leather boy relationship a try for months, they were just plain better suited to be buddies. As buds, Wes went to San Francisco with David to help him haul some stuff back to David's home. Here are some moments from the trip driving from San Francisco to Houston in a U-HaulTM:



May had its necessary share of home repair: We replaced the gate opener to the driveway's iron fence. (It may not sound like a big deal, but they're $1,000.)

May also had it's share of fun. On May 17th, a man named dave flew out from San Francisco to petition to be Wes' new submissive leather partner. So, in keeping with the theme, here are some pictures leathering it up:



June was hot as heck. We got both cars tinted. We had the house's attic insulated with CelbarR. It was also when Tom started major upgrades to the garage apartment:

But it wasn't *all* work and no play! Here we are having fun with friends at Gay Day at Six Flags Astroworld. Wes also got his first pair of Doc Marten boots.



We took a break from the heat and visited dave in San Francisco, where the weather was glorious. Here is one of my favorite photos, a great picture of Tom hugging dave.

My biggest concern going into the triad of Wes-Tom-dave was that Tom and dave wouldn't hit it off. As it turns out, I needn't have worried: Both Tom and dave feel that they have gained a best friend in the other.



Tom supervised a lot of work on the house as the summer wound down: But, as always, here are some fun moments from when Wes was helping out at a "slave auction" for charity & Tom was strutting in his cop uniform!



What happened in the fall? After a continuous year of school, but having tasted a break from school over the course of the summer -- and still having gotten lucrative job offers without the MBA he was studying toward -- Tom made the decision that the tremendous effort he was putting forth studying was not worth the related tremendous cost to his personal time. So, he decided not to resume classes in September.

With Tom not in school, what did he do with his time? More work on the house, of course! Yes, Tom rebuilt the deck, which was a *major* project. Tom also rebuilt the front stoop, which was rotting.

Toward the end of those projects, we experienced a great loss when our beloved China Cat's kitty kidneys suddenly gave out and she passed away. We miss her wonderful, loving presence greatly.



On Tom's birthday October 3rd, Wes surprised Tom with wedding bands.

Later in the month, Wes visited dave in San Francisco for Halloween, and returned to find that Tom had broken his left leg being very intrepid RollerBlading.



With Tom out of commission, we flipped House Stud roles for a bit as Wes oversaw the fence getting stained and the final touch-ups on the front stoop.

On the 24th, we celebrated our 7th anniversary, and shortly afterward had the joy of friends over from New Orleans. We had even more friends over at Thanksgiving, and got to use our new formal dining table!

Near the end of the month, we heard that Wes' step-grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. Our {{{hugs}}} to Charlotte, Wes' step-mother who is in Arkansas helping out.



The holidays are being filled with the usual -- family visits, getting gifts, and trying not to over-do.

dave came in to be with us and see the beautiful "Lights in the Heights" celebration. It's a charming evening where streets are lined with luminaria, many houses are wonderfully decorated, some houses have musicians and carolers on their porches, a few hayrides are held, and people just walk around enjoying themselves.

Our year has been filled with health challenges, decisions, excitement and passion -- life!

We hope that you have a very Merry Christmas / Hannukah / winter solstice / Kwanzaa / Ramadan -- whatever it is that brings you peace and joy.

And, of course, we hope that you have a great 1999.


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